Officaly DBvisit Partner

After Testing DbVisit Product and Post about it Here, I Didn’t Stop There Because This Product Gives lot of Benefits and Easy To Manage.  You Don’t Need to Become DBA to manage it.

The Most Important Thing in Any Products as i see Support Part Because Any Software in this World will Generate New errors you don’t know anything about it. DbVisit Provide you with Support Team Response on you As Soon As Possible with Answers.

DbVisit Solutions Is not expensive if you want to compare with Other Software Proof on this my friend Steve Karam Write Blog here talking About License Here With Examples on Prices.

Finally I am Proud to be DbVisit Gold Partner In Jordan And Covering Middle East Region.

Thank you
Osama Mustafa

Mount NFS Device Is Busy

This Error Appear On Solaris when you try to mount filesystem :

mount -F nfs IP:/export/home/oracle/test /export/home/oracle/test

Output :

nfs mount: mount: /export/home/oracle/test : Device busy

Check why it’s Busy using :

fuser -u /export/home/oracle/test

/export/home/oracle/test :     1432c(oracle)

Kill the process :

kill – 9 1432 

Thank you
Osama mustafa