Are we in the Cloud

What is The Cloud Computing ? Are We in the Cloud ? Where Can I Find it ? Simple Question but It’s has been asked a lot.

Simply Cloud Computing Storing and accessing Data and programs Using Over Internet instead of Local Computer.

I Found the Below Chart on the internet and it’s The Best Describe for the cloud “Source Cloud For Dummies” :

Cloud is the next Stage for everything, Because it can be defined as set of hardware,Platforms , Databases, Networking it will safe lot of money for the companies.

Check the below video :

You need to know some  Definition you will heard when we are talking about Cloud:
Xaas is Term said for number of things “X as a Services” / ” Anything as a Services”

The Most Common Examples on the above :

  • DBaas : Database as a Service.
  • Paas : Platform as a Service.
  • SaaS : Software as a Service/Storage as a Service.
  • IaaS : Infrastructure as a Service.
  • Caas : Communication as Service.
  • Naas : Network as Service.
It’s New Future.
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Oracle SOA Installation on Solaris 11.1

Another Post Describe how to install Oracle SOA, Steo by Step To Install Oracle SOA and Extend Admin Server.

As Usual you can download this document From SlideShare.

Download Document Here.

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Oracle Business Intelligence Installation

Before start describes steps, I would like to share some notes:
  •     Extend Weblogic Server will not work (
  •    BI server should be added first before any managed server otherwise AdminServer will corrupted.
  •   If you already have AdminServer configured you can created new BI Domain, Or backup your AdminServer  domain and Reconfigure again.

The above notes are useful and must be considered before installing Oracle BI.
You can download the document from Here
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RAC Attack Survey

Count Down is already started, Less than 10 days to Oracle Open World 2013, Sessions, Groups and Discussions/Panel , but this year will be different, as we all know Oracle Database 12c has been released in July some of us got some time to test and work on it. Database and advance Features such as Real Application Cluster (RAC).

Don’t Worry you didn’t mess you chance yet. This Year specifically in Oracle Open World 2013 You will have chance to test Oracle Real Application Cluster on your Own Laptop, Created by yourself, and it will not take that much time, learn the steps and have chance to be DBA.

RACATTACK events Created by Volunteers

you can know more about this event here, Join us and Learn Something New and Meet the Oracle Guru, it will be nice to see everybody there.
Complete this Survey Please Here
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Step by Step Configure SSO Using Oracle Fusion Middle-ware

I would like to share this document , which is describe step by step dealing with :

  • WebLogic
  • Oracle Internet Directory
  • Oracle Content Server
  • Oracle Access manager 
Every thing mentioned with Installation &  Configuration Steps.
I tried To make it simple as i can, Included with Screen Shots ,Step By Step how to install The above Oracle Products and how to configure them to prepare your application for Single-Sing-On 
Please if you would like to share this document ask me before.

You can View and Download the Document from Here
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SIEBEL odbcsql Unable to Connect

Logging into “SBA_81_DSN” as “SADMIN” …
ODBC error 81 in SQLConnect:
523 72
(native error 0).
Unable to login using specified ODBC parameters.

The above error appear when you are trying to run the below command:

odbcsql /s SIEBEL8_DSN /u sadmin /p sadmin

Solutions :

Make sure the you set TNS_ADMIN in .profile or .bash_profile , TNS_ADMIN Should be Directed to Client32 bit , Copy tnsnames.ora from Database home to Client32

it will be like the following :

export TNS_ADMIN=/u01/app/oracle/instanctclient32/

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Segmentation Fault(coredump) when Trying to Start Siebel Server

Today i was working with SIEBEL On Solaris , And as usually it was working without any issue , after modified images on SIEBEL as Oracle Support Document

Images Files on Screen Tabs Required for High Interactivity Clients in Innovation Pack 2012 (Doc ID 1511448.1).

But when i tried to start SIEBEL Server the below errors appear :

/u01/app/siebel/ line 212: 6488: Memory fault(coredump) 

it’s confusing because SIEBEL was working without any problem, After tried more than one solution i would like to share the below Solution ( at least it’s works for me)


you will find File called osdf_ENTERPRISE_NAME

This file Will be Read by SIEBEL when you trying to start_server and if doesn’t exists it will recreate it again.

 Delete this file and try to start Siebel Server Again using

start_server ALL

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