hi All ,

All of us using backup techniques maybe it will be different but the aim is one , saving your data
some error could be appear while you doing backup but everything can be solved one of this errors
deadlock error

but what is this mean ?

deadlock : situation where in two or more competing actions are each waiting for the other to finish

so when you have two backup not necessary backup btw it could be session , backup-1 will wait backup-2 and vice verse …

In rman backup its Bug 6830296 accroding to meta-link ID 779095.1

Solution is :

In Rman catalog database create the following indexes :-

CREATE INDEX tfatt_i_sck on tfatt(start_ckp_key)
CREATE INDEX tfatt_i_eck on tfatt(end_ckp_key)


Check for availability of one off patch using the following link Patch 6830296

thank you all

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