Basic Rman (Recovery manager) Guide

Today we are gonna talk about Oracle Rman ( Recovery Manager) This tools from oracle makes backup and restore database looks easily , If you lose you data it will be problem so oracle provide solution for this issue
Rman is Command line tools that gives you lot of benefits for backup
such as backup database, control file , archive log , create scripts … etc

you can connect to the following types of databases.

Target database : 
RMAN connects you to the target database with the SYSDBA privilege. If you do not have this privilege, then the connection fails.
Recovery catalog database: 
This database is optional, you can also use RMAN with the default NOCATALOG option.
Auxiliary database :
You can connect to a standby database, duplicate database, or auxiliary instance (standby instance or tablespace point-in-time recovery instance.

Connecting to the Target Database

rman target /

 Information About your Schema And display datafiles Currently In the target database .


To list the backup sets and image copies that you have created, run the list command as follows:


To list image copies, run the following command:


 Show Rman Confurgation :

RMAN>Show all ;

List All the backup has been taken by Rman :

RMAN>list backupset ;

Validate Your backup that has been taken  By Rman , to check there’s no corrputed file in it :
RMAN>validate backupset

Take anote that I mention Rman basic command in earlier Blog , Please take a look at it .

Thank you
Osama Mustafa

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