Remove Node From Oracle Rac 10g ( Part-2)

 Remove Node From The Database :  ( From The Node You want to Delete) 

**Before You Start Deleting Node From Database You need To update inventory by :

./runInstallerupdateNodeList ORACLE_HOME=<Database home> “CLUSTER_NODES=<node to be removed>” –local

After Perform This You can Start De-install Process Like The Following : 

 You now need to update the corresponding  inventory on the remaining nodes. You can use the following command from the first node:
./runInstallerupdateNodeList ORACLE_HOME=<Database home> “CLUSTER_NODES=<remaining nodes>”

Remove Node From ASM : 

maybe some of us will be conflict with the above steps , I Above Step we Remove ASM from Node that we want to delete But ASM still exists , And On Remaining Node The Deleted Node For ASM still exists So We Need To update the ASM to Delete  Like The Following :

Update Inventory From Node We Want delete : 

./runInstallerupdateNodeList ORACLE_HOME=<ASM home> “CLUSTER_NODES=<node to be removed>” –local

update the corresponding inventory on the remaining nodes. You can use the following command from the first node:
./runInstallerupdateNodeList ORACLE_HOME=<ASM home> “CLUSTER_NODES=<remaining nodes>”

Remove Node From Oracle Clusterware From The First Node Do the Below Steps : 

1-Run This Command :

<Oracle Clusterware home>/bin/racgons remove_config <Node to be removed>:6200 
**6200 : Can Be Changed, And Its Called Remote Port 

<Oracle Clusterware home>/opmn/conf/ons.config 

2-From The Node You want To remove as root User : 

<Oracle Clusterwarehome>/install/

3-From The First Node as Root User : 

<Oracle Clusterware home>/bin/olsnodes –n
<Oracle Clusterware home>/install/ <node name to be deleted>,<node number to be deleted>.


Remove Node From Oracle Cluster-ware (From The Node You want to be Delete)

To Update Inventory Run The Following Command : 


<Oracle Clusterwarehome>/oui/bin/runInstaller  –updateNodeList ORACLE_HOME=<Oracle Clusterwarehome>  “CLUSTER_NODES=<Node to be deleted>”   CRS=TRUE -local

Run Installer — > De-install 

From The First Node after Finish The De-install :
<Oracle Clusterwarehome>/oui/bin/runInstallerupdateNodeList  ORACLE_HOME=<Oracle Clusterware home>  “CLUSTER_NODES=<Remaining nodes>” CRS=TRUE
 Now You Are Delete The Node ..
To Check

 •srvctl  status nodeapps -n <Deleted node>should get a message saying Invalid node.
crs_stat | grep -i <Deleted node>should not get any output.
olsnodes –n should get all the present nodes list without the deleted node.
Thank You
Osama  Mustafa 

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