Thank you for Oracle ACE Program  & OTN To join this Tour 2016 it’s was my pleasure  to be a part of it

This is was my first time visiting this side of the world & presenting in Latin America, the tour covered south and north Latin America with different countries starting from Brazil and ending with Colombia, my part was to visit the following country : Brazil , Uruguay , Argentina and finally Mexico city.

Well it was very hard to find flights from Jordan – Amman to Brazil and most of the flight fully booked so i put my name on waiting list like any other else i was expecting that i will cancel any time but Qatar Airlines called me at 9 pm before the flights with 5 hours informing me that there is seat if i want to take it, so my answer was YES.
Went home finish packing and heading to the airport,  3 hours to QATAR and after that 13 hours to Brazil and it’s was my first stop for OTN TOUR , the event started with amazing attendee, the keynote was in Portuguese  which i can’t understand 🙂 , i had two session about fusion middleware on in the morning and the other one afternoon, it’s was amazing meeting new people and the old friends during the event, after the conference we had Speaker dinner.

Next day i had to move to the airport next stop was Uruguay i reach the hotel at midnight tired because of this i slept immediately i woke up at 7 am for the conference, met Deiby and Carlos in the Lobby and we walk together to the university, i had two session as well after the conference we had perfect dinner with all our friends.

I spent one day in Uruguay and did some city tour i have to say it was cold and rainy but nice city, the last stop was Mexico which is very amazing city i love it the conference was amazing, the people everything.

It’s very short description about the tour but better than not mentioning anything.


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