Oracle Data Integrator repository is not accessible.

When trying to access to the http://hostname:9704/biacm

the following warning appeared on the Dashboard :-

Oracle Data Integrator repository is not accessible.

Possible causes:

  1. Bad user credentials and/or type of Authentication.
  2.  Incorrect Database connection configuration from WLS to ODI DB Repositories.
OBIA 11g: BIACM – Unable To Access Oracle Data Integrator Repository. You Will Not Be Able Generate Or Execute (Doc ID 2115096.1)

Solution :-

Login to ODI Studio with a Supervisor user and in the ODI Security, open the user used to login to BIACM and the one with the problem with accessing ODI. Select the Retrieve GUID button and select the Supervisor check box, if not already done.

If this ‘Retrieve GUID’ button is not present, then the ODI Repository Authentication has been changed to “internal”, meaning that it is not anymore as the OBIA out of the box installation configures it, where the users are managed by the WLS LDAP. This is not to be confused with external authentication with OID. Every OBIA installation has what ODI calls “External Authentication”, as the users are not managed internally by ODI. If this is the case, disconnect from the Repository and switch back to External Authentication from ODI Studio menu ODI > Change Authentication Mode.

therefore you have to chance the authentication in ODI studio.


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