Auto Closing Trigger in Zabbix

There are different problems category in zabbix which is like the below:-

  • Disaster
  • High
  • Average
  • Warning
  • Information
  • Not classified

I will focus in this post on Information and Not Classified Issues.

These two Problem category to inform users about some change in the operating system for example, such as Updating the operating system, or You have CPU utilization, this is not the issue, the problem with these two category they never disappeared from Zabbix Dashboard, and to be honest for me it’s annoying 😅

Therefore, i was trying to find a way to hide these issues, i don’t want to disabled the trigger because in that case it will never appeared and this is not the goal for me,I just want them to be on Dashboard for certain amount of time.

I found two ways for that after investigation, the one will be done from Database level, for example MySQL in my case, the other one via Zabbix Dashboard ( Trigger part) this is the right one and what i want.

Method #1 

To fix this issue from the database , you have to follow the below : –

  • You should have access to MySQL
  • Use Zabbix Database
  • Knowledge of database and Zabbix table, you don’t want to corrupt the database.
  • there are different tables we need to deal with
triggers table
problem table
alerts table
  • You have to know, inside trigger table value column contains two number which 0 (you don’t have any error) and 1 (you have problem)
select * from triggers where description like '%Operating%' and value = 1;
update triggers set value = 0 where  description like '%Operating%' and value = 1;

The above Select search for trigger called Operating system and the trigger should have issue, then update this trigger to 0 to assign this issue to ok.

Method #2

This method i preferred but i had to mentioned the previous one so in case someone wants to use it, in this one you don’t have to access to the database at all.

  • From The upper panel –> Choose configuration –> Host –> search for your host –> Press on Trigger –> Search for the trigger.
  • Once you press on the trigger you want, it will show couple of Options , we will care only about “problem expression”
  • From problem expression press add button and choose the item that related to this trigger.
  • There is Function inside the zabbix ( Built-in) called nodata takes second as parameter, you can put the item and choose the function then set the time for 10 sec same as the below picture.

Enjoy 👊

Cheers 🍻


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