Create Enterprise manager for RAC (Real Application Cluster)

Hi All ,

Sometimes we need to create enterprise manager for Rac Environment , its the same way for One instance with different Command . 

We are here talk about 10g , 11g database .
you follow the below steps to create or recreate enterprise manager LET’S START :

if you already have RAC – enterprise manager and you need to recreate then start from here

**Stop Dbconsole for the both nodes :

Commands :

On Node-1
emctl stop dbconsole .
On Node 2 :
emctl stop dbconsole .

**Drop dbconsole with re posterity from node 1 :

Command :

$emca -deconfig dbcontrol db -repos drop -cluster

“you will wait for while until repos been dropped”.

**recreate dbconsole with re posterity from node 1 “if you don’t have EM for your Rac start from here”
Command :

$emca -config dbcontrol db -repos create -cluster 

“follow the instsruction and fill the information such as DB SID,Listener Port , Crs Name”

To know your CRS NAME :
$CRS_HOME/bin/cemutlo -n

the output will be your crs name .

Thank you
Osama mustafa