2011 New start For Everything


It’s One Of the Most Amazing Year …Nothing was usual Sadness , happiness , Pressure , failure and successfully moment.
I start Blogging In January 2011 to share my knowledge with people who wants to learn more about Oracle
and here i am Writing in the end of this year to finish what i started . this year include lot of memories and decision i had made ,some of them wrong , some of them right , but as one of these decision was one of the biggest mistake i ever did in my life , i don’t love to regret on something i did but the only thing that’s makes me feel good about that decision that i met new people who let you feel good all the time .

I learned new things in oracle , give me motivation to continue my career as Oracle Database Administrator this Job , its more than a job to me , as you know there’s lot of blog on the internet ,i wish to make this blog very useful for all people who wants to learn something new . i am always here to help,teach and learn from the whole people , as human we all have leak of knowledge but we don’t  measure our self how much leak of knowledge is big ?  its how you can continue learning and make your self more stronger .

I want to thanks everyone who helped me in this year , if i made something wrong i apology , and finally
i promise everyone with new topics about Oracle . and as i told before we all here for learning something new.

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Thank you
Osama mustafa