Checking O2CB heartbeat: Not active

[root@rac01]# /etc/init.d/o2cb  status

Module “configfs”: Loaded
Filesystem “configfs”: Mounted
Module “ocfs2_nodemanager”: Loaded
Module “ocfs2_dlm”: Loaded
Module “ocfs2_dlmfs”: Loaded
Filesystem “ocfs2_dlmfs”: Mounted
Checking O2CB cluster ocfs2: Online
  Heartbeat dead threshold: 61
  Network idle timeout: 30000
  Network keepalive delay: 2000
  Network reconnect delay: 2000
Checking O2CB heartbeat: Not active

The Solution like the Following :

[root@rac01]# /etc/init.d/o2cb  configure

Configuring the O2CB driver.
This will configure the on-boot properties of the O2CB driver.
The following questions will determine whether the driver is loaded on
boot.  The current values will be shown in brackets (‘[]’).  Hitting
without typing an answer will keep that current value.  Ctrl-C
will abort.
Load O2CB driver on boot (y/n) [y]: y
Cluster to start on boot (Enter “none” to clear) [ocfs2]:
Specify heartbeat dead threshold (>=7) [31]: 61
Specify network idle timeout in ms (>=5000) [30000]:
Specify network keepalive delay in ms (>=1000) [2000]:
Specify network reconnect delay in ms (>=2000) [2000]:
Writing O2CB configuration: OK
O2CB cluster ocfs2 already online

[root@rac01]# /etc/init.d/o2cb  stop
Stopping O2CB cluster ocfs2: OK
Unmounting ocfs2_dlmfs filesystem: OK
Unloading module “ocfs2_dlmfs”: OK
Unmounting configfs filesystem: OK
Unloading module “configfs”: OK

 [root@rac01]# /etc/init.d/o2cb  start
Loading module “configfs”: OK
Mounting configfs filesystem at /config: OK
Loading module “ocfs2_nodemanager”: OK
Loading module “ocfs2_dlm”: OK
Loading module “ocfs2_dlmfs”: OK
Mounting ocfs2_dlmfs filesystem at /dlm: OK
Starting O2CB cluster ocfs2: OK


  [root@rac01]# ocfs2console

Then Mount Command .