Manually Install/De-Install Database Options in Oracle Database 10gR2


When a new database is created using DBCA, by default some of the common database options are installed like Oracle JVM and Oracle Text. But, when you manually create the database none of them get installed. You need to manually install them. I thought of sharing Metalink Note Id’s for some of the Common Database Options which you can manually install/de-install once database has been created:

Oracle JVM
Note:276554.1 How to Reload the JVM in 10.1.0.X and 10.2.0.X

Oracle Text
Note:280713.1 Manual installation, deinstallation of Oracle Text 10gR1 and 10gR2

Oracle XML DB
Note:243554.1 How to Deinstall and Reinstall XML Database (XDB)

Oracle Multimedia
Installation, Upgrade and Downgrade information can be found in the following Manual: Oracle® interMedia User’s Guide 10g Release 2 (10.2) Appendix B Installing and Upgrading Oracle interMedia 

Oracle OLAP
Note:296187.1 How To Manually Install Oracle OLAP into a 9i or 10g Database After the DB Has Been Created 

Oracle Spatial
Note:270588.1 Steps for Manual Installation / Verification of Spatial 10g

Oracle Ultra Search
Note:337992.1 How to Manually Install and Uninstall Ultra Search 10gR2 Server Components 

Oracle Label Security
Note:171155.1 How to Install / Deinstall Oracle Label Security Oracle9i/10g

Sample Schemas
  Note:340112.1 How To Install Sample Schemas in 10g?

Enterprise Manager Repository
Note:114763.1 How to Create Enterprise Manager 2.1 Repository Using EMCA

Oracle Application Express
Note:445205.1 How to download and install Application Express / HTMLDB

Oracle Warehouse Builder
Note:459961.1 How to Install Warehouse Builder Repository( on a RAC Database on Windows and UNIX 

Oracle Database Vault
Note:445092.1 How to Install Database Vault Patches on top of

Oracle Database Extensions for .NET
Note:374820.1 How to Install the Oracle Database Extensions for .NET (ODE.NET) Hope you find this document helpful 🙂

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