The below is now Free courses on Udemy, not sure till when so enjoy as you can.

Free learning on Udemy DevOps Tutorials for Absolute Beginner

  1. DevOps – The Introduction
  2. CI CD pipeline – Devops Automation in 1 hr
  3. DevOps Crash Course
  4. DevOps 101
  5. DevOps on AWS: Code, Build, and Test (Course 1 of 3)
  6. Free Devops Interview Questions and Answers
  7. DevOps Tools for Beginners: Ansible in 1 hour
  8. DevOps on AWS: Release and Deploy (Course 2 of 3)
  9. DevOps on AWS: Operate and Monitor (Course 3 of 3)
  10. Introduction to DevOps, Habits and Practices
  11. Amazon AWS Cloud IAM Hands-On
  12. DevOps : CI/CD with Jenkins
  13. Introduction to YAML – A hands -on course
  14. Kubernetes: Getting Started
  15. Docker Tutorial for Beginners practical hands on -Devops
  16. Ansible for the Absolute Beginner – DevOps
  17. Docker, Docker SWARM and Kubernetes crash course for DevOps
  18. Understanding Docker in about an Hour
  19. Learn terraform by setting up Highly available wordpress
  20. Use Ansible with Amazon Web Services
  21. GIT Crash Course
  22. Maven Quick Start: A Fast Introduction to Maven by Example
  23. Master Amazon EC2 Basics with 10 Labs
  24. Amazon Web Services (AWS): CloudFormation
  25. Just enough Ansible to be dangerous
  26. AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
  27. Deploy Azure Virtual Desktop for beginners
  28. Apache Maven for Beginners
  29. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Introduction
  30. Microsoft Azure fundamentals Az900 crash course
  31. Azure Real World Hand-on Training For Beginners.
  32. Introduction to Linux Shell Scripting
  33. Create a 3-Tier Application Using Azure Virtual Machines
  34. AWS VPC and VPC Peering Demo
  35. Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2: An Introduction
  36. Hosting your static website on Amazon AWS S3 service
  37. Mobaxterm Powerful tools to access Linux and Unix
  38. Getting started with Cloud Computing using Microsoft Azure
  39. Cloud Computing Fundamental