steps to upgrade to

O.S : Linux 64Bit
the steps the same for all Database with different patch .
Database : (R1)

Let start upgrading :

1 – You need To install this patch
2-   Bring Down Database And Services Down And make sure it .
*Database :
sqlplus / as sysdba
SQL>shutdown immediate ;
$ps -ef | grep pmon “to make sure the database is not running”

Listener :
$lsnrctl status
$lsnrctl stop
$lsnrctl status

3-Just In case Take backup of your database .

4-unzip the patch , and run it under Oracle User 

Select the ORACLE_HOME to upgrade and then click next, the prerequisites steps will complete last click INSTALL. At the end up the installation it will ask to run as root user. We need root user password or sudo user privilege to run script.

5-After Upgrade do the following and its mandatory : 
cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin
sqlplus  / as sysdba
SQL> startup upgrade;
SQL>spool pre_upgrade.log
SQL> @utlu111i.sql

6-cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin
sqlplus / as sysdba
SQL> spool upgrade_date.log
SQL> @catupgrd.sql

Take check the validity, version of the installed components

sqlplus / as sysdba
sql>set pages 250
sql> set lines 1000
sql> col comp_name for a40
sql> select comp_name, version, status from dba_registry;

 7-SQL>shutdown immediate;

8-Recompiling the invalid objects
cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin
sqlplus / as sysdba
SQL>spool recompile.log
SQL> @utlrp.sql

Cold Backup Steps for your Database :

Controlfiles, datafiles, redo logs, archive files, tempfiles must be included in the backup. If the files are in different paths, the same has to be backedup.

As Oracle User :

$mkdir /backup_date
$cp /u01/oracle/oradata/orcl/*.* /backup/backup_date
$cd $ORACLE_HOME/dbs
$cp inittest.ora inittest.ora_bkpdate
$cp spfiletest.ora spfiletest.or_bkpdate
$cp orapwtest.ora orapwtest.ora_bkpdate

**Take a backup of home path
$mkdir product_bkp
$cd /u01/oracle/product
$tar czf /backup/oracle_11106.tar.gz 11.1.0

**dbhome, coraenv,oraenv backup
As Root User :

#cd /usr/local/bin
#cp dbhome dhome_bkpdate
#cp coraenv coraenv_bkpdate
#cp oraenv oraenv_bkpdate

revert back to old version  :

1. untar the binary backup
2. Backup  the current database and then replace them with cold back taken before applying the patch.

 As Root User :

cd /usr/local/bin
#cp dbhome_bkpdate dbhome
#cp coraenv_bkpdate coraenv
#cp oraenv_bkpdate oraenv

 As Oracle User :
oracle binary restoration
cd /u01/oracle/product
$rm -rf 11.1.0
$mkdir 11.1.0
$cp /backup/oracle_11106.tar.gz 11.1.0
$cd 11.1.0
$gunzip oracle_11106.tar.gz
$tar -xvf oracle_11106.tar

Datafile backup restoration
cd /u01/oracle/oradata/orcl/
$rm *
$cd /backup/backup_date
$cp *.* /App1/oracle/oradata/orcl/
$cd $ORACLE_HOME/dbs
$cp inittest.ora_bkpdate inittest.ora
$cp spfiletest.ora_bkpdate spfiletest.ora
$cp orapwtest.ora_bkpdate orapwtest.ora

 sqlplus / as sysdba
SQL>select * from v$version;
SQL>select comp_name, version, status from dba_registry;

Osama mustafa

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