Some Basic To backup Voting Disk And OCR For Oracle RAC

We Need To Backup Voting Disk and OCR For Oracle RAC For Disaster Situation :

Add Voting Disk :

# crsctl add css votedisk

To remove a voting disk:

# crsctl delete css votedisk

If Oracle Clusterware is down on all nodes, use the –force option:

# crsctl add css votedisk -force
# crsctl delete css votedisk -force

 Backup Voting Disk :

$ crsctl query css votedisk
$ dd if= of= bs=4k


Oracle RAC Taking Backup For OCR By Default , You will Find It On :

 cd $ORACLE_BASE/Crs/cdata/jfv_clus

Change the default automatic backup location:

# ocrconfig –backuploc /shared/bak

Back Up OCR Manually :

 # ocrconfig –export file name

 Recover OCR Using Physical Backups:

1.Locate a physical backup:
 $ ocrconfigshowbackup
2.Review its contents:

# ocrdumpbackupfile file_name
 3.Stop Oracle Clusterwareon all nodes:

 # crsctl stop crs
4.Restore the physical OCR backup:

# ocrconfig –restore <CRS HOME>/cdata/jfv_clus/day.ocr

5.Restart Oracle Clusterware on all nodes:

 # crsctl start crs
6.Check OCR integrity:

$ cluvfy comp ocr -n all

Thank You
Osama Mustafa 


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