drop all tables in a tablespace

set echo off
prompt this script is used to generate SQL file for deleting all tables in a tablespace.
prompt specify tablespace name 1:
define tsname=&1
prompt Add purge clause, y for yes, n for no 2:
define prg=&2
prompt enter output sql file name 3:
define filename=&3
set heading off
set verify off
set feedback off
start del_ts_tb.sql
set verify on
set heading on
set echo on
set feedback on

spool &filename
select 'drop table ' || owner || '.' || table_name || decode(upper('&prg'),'Y',' purge','') || ';' DropState
from dba_tables
where tablespace_name = upper('&tsname');
spool off 

Osama mustafa

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