Step By Step Install Database Vault On 10g

Oracle Database Vault restricts access to specific areas in an Oracle database from any user, including users who have administrative access. For example, you can restrict administrative access to employee salaries, customer medical records, or other sensitive information.
You configure Oracle Database Vault to manage the security of an individual Oracle Database instance. You can install Oracle Database Vault on standalone Oracle Database installations, in multiple Oracle homes, and in Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) environments.
Today i will provide step by step how to install Database Vault on Oracle Database 10g, Notice to install it you should upgrade your database at least to to avoid any errors.
Database Vault is very useful to protect your data from users such as DBA who has access to all tables , But the questions is who is control database vault ?
Usually there are two users to control it , Database vault owner this user is granted the DV_Owner role and can manage database role and configurations, the username must be minimum 2 and maximum 30 character , the password for this user should be complex.
another user called : Database Vault manager which is granted DV_ACCTMGR role, and used to manage database user account , this user is created to facilitate separation duties which mean while you install you can only create one user do all this jobs , the username should be minimum 2/maximum 30 character and the password is complex .
The below is screen-shot for installing Database Vault (Notice Database and Listener should be shutdown) :

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Osama Mustafa

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