Segmentation Fault(coredump) when Trying to Start Siebel Server

Today i was working with SIEBEL On Solaris , And as usually it was working without any issue , after modified images on SIEBEL as Oracle Support Document

Images Files on Screen Tabs Required for High Interactivity Clients in Innovation Pack 2012 (Doc ID 1511448.1).

But when i tried to start SIEBEL Server the below errors appear :

/u01/app/siebel/ line 212: 6488: Memory fault(coredump) 

it’s confusing because SIEBEL was working without any problem, After tried more than one solution i would like to share the below Solution ( at least it’s works for me)


you will find File called osdf_ENTERPRISE_NAME

This file Will be Read by SIEBEL when you trying to start_server and if doesn’t exists it will recreate it again.

 Delete this file and try to start Siebel Server Again using

start_server ALL

Thank you
Osama Mustafa 

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