Installing SIEBEL 15 on RAC took a lot of time

The Situation like the following when we was trying to install SIEBEL On RAC 12C its took 10 hours for importing 2 database which is usually takes 2 hours at max, storage was NFS , enabled DNFS for sure.

simulate the following case :-

  • On single node , 2 hours like usual.
  • On RAC 12c using DNFS file system 10 hours.
  • On RAC 12c using DNFS but single node of RAC took 10 hours.
  • On RAC 12c using local file system and single node 10 hours.
  • Install oracle 11gR2 RAC and try it again took 4 hours using ASM on DNFS.

Using SLOB didn’t see anything related to storage issue.

After investigation and a lot of working without tuning on 12c it’s took 1 Hour and 37 min.

The problem with two different way :-

  • Heartbeat not configured correctly.
  • SIEBEL Installation should not run with Index parallel option.