Are we in the Cloud

What is The Cloud Computing ? Are We in the Cloud ? Where Can I Find it ? Simple Question but It’s has been asked a lot.

Simply Cloud Computing Storing and accessing Data and programs Using Over Internet instead of Local Computer.

I Found the Below Chart on the internet and it’s The Best Describe for the cloud “Source Cloud For Dummies” :

Cloud is the next Stage for everything, Because it can be defined as set of hardware,Platforms , Databases, Networking it will safe lot of money for the companies.

Check the below video :

You need to know some  Definition you will heard when we are talking about Cloud:
Xaas is Term said for number of things “X as a Services” / ” Anything as a Services”

The Most Common Examples on the above :

  • DBaas : Database as a Service.
  • Paas : Platform as a Service.
  • SaaS : Software as a Service/Storage as a Service.
  • IaaS : Infrastructure as a Service.
  • Caas : Communication as Service.
  • Naas : Network as Service.
It’s New Future.
Thank you 
Osama mustafa