WFMLRSVCApp.ear not found

I installed Oracle 11g and the installation didn’t find WFMLRSVCApp.ear file. I extracted two files ( and in two different folder disk1 and disk2. 

I solved the file not found issue by coping all the folders under disk2databasestageComponents to disk1databasestageComponents.

After restarting the installation it went like a charm and without any issues.

Or Maybe the error will be appear like this :

The same : ou should extract each of them and place win32_11gR2_database_2of2 content into win32_11gR2_database_1of2 folder before running installer.


Thank You 
Osama Mustafa

9 thoughts on “WFMLRSVCApp.ear not found

  1. Here's the solution:I downloaded the installers and tried to install but,this time installation started and during the installation i got some error message WFMLRSVCApp.earwhat i did, i copied the contents of components folder which was in disk2 of installer to disk1 components folder and it was all fine. Written by : Kashif Manzoor Offline From:


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