Error will Looks Like this :

Errors in file /u01/app/oracle/admin/ORCL/bdump/orcl1_j000_1781806.trc:
ORA-12012: error on auto execute of job 23122
ORA-06550: line 1, column 780:
PLS-00201: identifier ‘DBSNMP.BSLN_INTERNAL’ must be declared

Solution :

First Check if its Failed Or not :

select log_date,status from dba_scheduler_job_run_details  where job_name=’BSLN_MAINTAIN_STATS_JOB’
order by log_date desc;

LOG_DATE                                                                    STATUS
———————————————————————— ————
08-JUL-12 PM                                         FAILED
09-JUL-12 PM                                         FAILED
10-JUL-12 PM                                         FAILED
11-JU:L-12 PM                                        FAILED
12-DEC-12 PM                                        FAILED

 to Fix it Run

SQL> @?/rdbms/admin/catnsnmp.sql
SQL> @?/rdbms/admin/catsnmp.sql

Done & Enjoy

Osama Mustafa

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