Redhat virtualization (KVM)

I am So Proud Today to write this topic , after 14 Hours Of continuous working . I Enabled Virtualization On Redhat , Its was challenging to me ,  I feel for moment its impossible to enable it .

But After finishing KVM installation and see everything is working fine i knew its deserve every moments . I believe in what they say now ” Never Give Up ” . I posting this article today for the people who wants to learn something new. And if you face any problem you can contact me here, I Wrote this because there’s no much information about the package that you should install while you are working on Virtualization But Hope you will find this useful.

you can install the package from Redhat Media , some Package will Generate what called Package Dependency , You will start searching for missing Package on media with same name as appear to you . its waste of time , i will post under this topic the most important package that you need to install to avoid this error. 
Some Other Information you need to know To Check If KVM Support : 

Solution One Using :

/proc/cpuinfo , the output :

The flags to look out for are:

  • vmx — Intel VT-x, basic virtualization
  • svm — AMD SVM, basic virtualization
  • ept — Extended Page Tables, an Intel feature to make emulation of guest page tables faster.
  • vpid — VPID, an Intel feature to make expensive TLB flushes unnecessary when context switching between guests.
  • npt — AMD Nested Page Tables, similar to EPT.
  • tpr_shadow and flexpriority — Intel feature that reduces calls into the hypervisor when accessing the Task Priority Register, which helps when running certain types of SMP guests.
  • vnmi — Intel Virtual NMI feature which helps with certain sorts of interrupt events in guests.

Solution Two :

dmesg | less

The two messages to look out for are:

kvm: no hardware support and
kvm: disabled by bios

To load KVM:


modprobe kvm_intel 

 AMD :

modprobe kvm_amd

Package that you need to install (Sorted) :


Some Other package you need to install for avoiding dependency error : 



If you need to Run  convirt install the below package also (Sorted) :


 Thank you
Osama Mustafa

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