Oracle EBS Patch Tips

What We Mean By Patch ?

Is Program designed to fix some Bugs Or Particular problem .

types of file in patch

cxxxx.drv         the ‘c’ or copy driver
dxxxx.drv         the ‘d’ or ‘database’ driver
gxxxx.drv         the ‘g’ or ‘generate’ driver  -form rep chart         jar file

Applying Patch On EBS ?

-Go to Patch Directory , Unzip .
-inside patch Directory , you find Patch.DRV
-After Run Apps-.evn run adpatch
-answer on the question .
-On Some where in the question , you will be asked to apply patch name which is .DRV

Note : You Need to Enable Maintenance Mode using adadmin .

You will find Topics in Details on my blog talking about how to use adadmin and Adpatch .

Thank you
Osama Mustafa

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