AWR Vs StatPack

When you face performance issue in database the first thing coming to your mind is Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) or STATPACK reports but what is the difference between them, in this article i will try to mention as much as i can the difference between them.

1-you should be aware that AWR not exists in database 9i so you forced to use statepack, include to that steps to generate AWR much easier than STATPACK.

2-AWR hold all the information and statistics that exists in STATPACK, include to that AWR hold Additional Information.

3- in AWR you will find information called Active Session History ( ASH ) which is not exists in STATPACK.

4- To generate STATPACK you should Run Procedure to enable snapshot, you can use DBMS_JOB or schedule it using crontab.

5- AWR snapshots provide a persistent view of database statistics. A snapshot is a collection of performance statistics that are captured at a specific point in time,AWR snapshots are scheduled every 60 minutes by default.

 6- Statspack snapshot purges must be scheduled manually otherwise AWR snapshots are purged automatically using MMON.

Thank you
Osama Mustafa

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