First Look : Dbvisit Standby

Dbvisit Standby it’s tool for creating standby database to ensure high availability for Oracle Database, It’s similar for Data Guard but The main differnce i notice in Data Guard you need to have EE ( Oracle Database Enterprise Editions ) But not any more with DbVisit You can Create your Standby Even With SE ( Oracle Database Standard Editions ).

In Last Three days i was testing this Product , and all i can say it’s amazing and easy to use , steps are clear and even when code/Error return the description is so clear, also with Dbvisit You can Have Two way to create Standby : Command line and GUI both are easy and all you have to do is following the steps in the document.

what i notice too support for this product is amazing, Sine i download trail version i revived an email telling me if i need anything all i have to do is sent an email with error code and dbVisit Support team will answering me, Couple of days later they send me another email asking me for my feedback and I am writing this article to ensure my view point is clear, I checked DbVisit Forum and  answers was within 1-3 Working days which indicate they have very active supporting team to improve this product.

The Below Figure describe Dbvisit Standby architecture :

 There’s no need to mention Creation steps since everything already included in documents but the below will find some screen shot for the installation , Most of the steps done on Primary Database all you have to do on standby 3 steps as i remember :

On Primary Database :

Standby Screen Shot :

Thank you
Osama Mustafa

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