Oracle Database vs Sql Server Security

Which one is the more secure ?

the above question asked before and will be asked today and in the future but what is the answer !! Before start asnwering this question you need to discuss somepoints.

as introduction Sql server is database solution product from Microsoft corporation with the following Version list :

  • SQL Server 2012
  • SQL Server 2008 R2
  • SQL Server 2008
  • SQL Server 2005
  • SQL Server 2000
  • SQL Server 7.0
 On the other hand we have oracle Database which RDMS ( Relation Database Managment System ) with the following version list :
  • Oracle7
  • Oracle8 Database
  • Oracle8i Database
  • Oracle9i Database
  • Oracle Database 10g
  • Oracle Database 11g
each of database include new features, this features could be related to high availability, database features and secuirty features, I try to be fair in my judgment, Let’s Back to Question Which is More Secure Oracle Database vs Microsoft Sql Server ? and why ?
I read lot of research regarding to this question and most of them caliming that sql server is more secure than Oracle database but why ?  oracle is the best database for large organization and can store more date with a great security when i mean great Security  there’s lot of solution products from Oracle such as Database vault , Audit Vault , and Data masking. But for small solutions and Orginization most of them use Sql server .
I red this Reports for David Litchfield here. and published in November 2006 and calims hat sql server is more secure than oracle database. also you need to know while you are compare this two database the main difference between them :
Microsoft Sql server is only working on One Platform ( Windows ), easy to manage, Most of the administration thru GUI (very friendly ) ,  simple to install  , Sql server is cost less than oracle ( Cost much more than less )  Licensing fees. all this indicate me to the following :
  • since sql server is easy to install and administration then the performance is usually fine.
  •  The only way to scale a system built on sql server technology is to add more memory and CPU to the single server hosting the database.
  • as mention before Sql server Suport Only One Platform.
On the other hand Oracle is Support all plaforms ( Linux , Unix , Windows , HP , AIX and Sun .. and sorry i forgot to mention others ), i will not say it’s easy to install but document are available for free if you follow them you will not be lost, Oracle database is enterprise solutions which mean if you need database that store huge data and support high availability cluster ( sql server dose not support it ) and introduce lot of backup recovery solution, data guard on of them becuase of this it’s expensive and costing the company don’t forget the main reason Oracle DBA salary is more than Sql server which mean the compaines will study this case before looking for solutions.
also to be fair Oracle support talking some time to answering you and solve the issue or database vulnerability , however in sql server support it’s amazing and solve the issue or vulnerability database in 24 hours or less.
since oracle database working for large organization business such as finical and insurance company the aim for any hackers ( i would like to mention here hacker not looking for small company to hack it’s need something will be worth if he getting caught ) it will make it under attack for any hacker in my articles i mentioned there’s no secure system 100% but you can make it harder for any hacker to access to your data and oracle provide with products to do that : Data Valut , Audit Vault , Database firewall and encryption.
Another point i would like to mention here ( take it also as point when you compare ) oracle working on more than Focusing on one  platform Security  will be the same as five/six/… platforms Security ? you should answer on this question not me !!!
 Oracle’s capacity to run on large databases, its have many performance improvement features,the performance can include Hardware or database ( sql server only hardware ) which is more secure ?
it’s completely up to you but don’t miss or ignore the point i mentioned before in this article
Thank you
Osama Mustafa

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