Enterprise manager Performance Hub (Real Time) 12c

Enterprise manager express is 

SQL> drop user osama cascade ;
User dropped.

SQL> create user osama identified by osama;
User created.

SQL> grant select any table to osama;
Grant succeeded.

SQL> grant select any dictionary to osama ;
Grant succeeded.

SQL> grant create session to osama;
Grant succeeded.

SQL> conn osama/osama ;

SQL> EXEC  DBMS_SQL_MONITOR.BEGIN_OPERATION (‘My_First_JOB’, forced_tracking => ‘Y’);
BEGIN DBMS_SQL_MONITOR.BEGIN_OPERATION (‘My_First_JOB’, forced_tracking => ‘Y’); END;
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:
PLS-00221: ‘BEGIN_OPERATION’ is not a procedure or is undefined
ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:
PL/SQL: Statement ignored

to avoid this error :

SQL> VAR myjob_id NUMBER;

SQL> EXEC :myjob_id := DBMS_SQL_MONITOR.BEGIN_OPERATION (‘My_First_JOB’, forced_tracking => ‘Y’)

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

myjob_id : variable
My_first_Job : Job name.

Now Check Enterprise manager express Page : 

if you check the second picture you will see if you don’t stop the sql_monitor the Job will still running

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

Thank you 
Osama Mustafa

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