Oracle Enterprise Manager unable to Start

When I checked the log Located $ORACLE_HOME/SID_HOSTNAME/sysman/log

I found the below errors :

app.ContextInitializer contextInitialized.420 – Integration Class not found


ERROR main: nmectla_agentctl: Error connecting to

First you need to make sure that the link in and ports and configured right and hostname is correct, restrat dbconsole if this not works then check the below

On Host :

oracle@TEST:/u01/app/$ echo $TZ

oracle@TEST:/u01/app/$ export TZ=Etc/GMT+2

emctl config agent updateTZ

emctl resetTZ agent 

Restart Dbconsole

Emctl start dbconsole 

 Thank you
Osama mustafa

Agent Configuration Assistant Failed/Grid Control

Troubleshooting the error oracle.sysman.emcp.agent.AgentPlugIn raised by the Agent Configuration Assistant (AgentCA)  [740628.1]

Troubleshooting the ‘oracle.sysman.emcp.agent.AgentPlugIn has failed’ error

the agent failed because I entered an incorrect agent password during the install.   Unfortunately there is no way to re-enter the password within OUI at this point so login to your server and  follow the steps below:

  1. cd $AGENT_HOME/bin
  2. ./emctl stop agent
  3. ./emctl unsecure agent
  4. ./emctl secure agent 
    • At this point you will be prompted for the agent registration password.  If you input the incorrect password it will fail.   Run this again until you enter the correct password.

  5. ./emctl start agent

Now you should be able to login to your Grid Control console and see this target.


Osama mustafa 

Script to Restart the OEM Agent When It Has Failed

Gaurav Batta has published this nice script to restart the OEM agent when it has failed:

$ cat
agent_status=`ps -ef|awk ‘{print $8}’|grep agent10g/bin/emagent`

if [[ -z $agent_status ]]
$AGENT_HOME/bin/emctl start agent
echo Agent started on server `hostname` at `date`
echo Agent is running fine on server `hostname` at `date`

It is running every 30min.
crontab –l

00,30 * * * * /home/oemagent/ >> /home/oemagent/agent_status.log


Thank you
Osama Mustafa