Shell Script For Cold Backup

This shell script selects the datafiles, logfiles and control files,
 tars and gzips them and then sends them to a remote host via rsh.

Download Scripts :

I have to upload the script since its contain codes can’t be appeared on Blog .

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osama mustafa

Script to Restart the OEM Agent When It Has Failed

Gaurav Batta has published this nice script to restart the OEM agent when it has failed:

$ cat
agent_status=`ps -ef|awk ‘{print $8}’|grep agent10g/bin/emagent`

if [[ -z $agent_status ]]
$AGENT_HOME/bin/emctl start agent
echo Agent started on server `hostname` at `date`
echo Agent is running fine on server `hostname` at `date`

It is running every 30min.
crontab –l

00,30 * * * * /home/oemagent/ >> /home/oemagent/agent_status.log


Thank you
Osama Mustafa