Oracle Secuirty Tips / SQLNET.ORA Part 2

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I post before about sqlnet.ora with parameter called invited_list , Exclude_list , assume  that i want to prevent sysdba to access database without password Simple Way .


Setting “SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES” parameter to “NONE” in sqlnet.ora file will make it not possible to connect to the database without a password as sysdba. (sqlplus / as sysdba)

This parameter may also have the values : NTS for Windows NT native authentication, ALL for all authentication methods.

Authentication Methods Available with Oracle Advanced Security:

  • kerberos5 for Kerberos authentication
  • cybersafe for Cybersafe authentication
  • radius for RADIUS authentication
  • dcegssapi for DCE GSSAPI authentication

If authentication has been installed, it is recommended that this parameter be set to either none or to one of the authentication methods.


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