Configure AWS Command Line Interface

In this lesson i will show you how to configure AWS command line, and how to start working with your AWS account thru command line with very simple and basic steps :-

  • First of i will assume that you don’t have any user or group in your AWS console
  • from the AWS Console :-
  • From IAM ( Identity access management ) Choose Group Create Group with permission Administrator access and then hit create.
  • create user and add that user to the group in my case the group name shown above, save the secret key and access ID as CSV.
  • Now from this link here, Download AWS Command Line Interface depend on your operating system and open cmd , terminal … etc.
  • Now from Dos enter AWS configure and fill the information like the below:-
  • Open the command line and test if it’s connected to AWS now.
You can learn more about the command line from AWS documentation , if you recive the following error 
“Could not connect to the endpoint URL: “”
Then make sure you are on the right Region.

RAC Attack Survey

Count Down is already started, Less than 10 days to Oracle Open World 2013, Sessions, Groups and Discussions/Panel , but this year will be different, as we all know Oracle Database 12c has been released in July some of us got some time to test and work on it. Database and advance Features such as Real Application Cluster (RAC).

Don’t Worry you didn’t mess you chance yet. This Year specifically in Oracle Open World 2013 You will have chance to test Oracle Real Application Cluster on your Own Laptop, Created by yourself, and it will not take that much time, learn the steps and have chance to be DBA.

RACATTACK events Created by Volunteers

you can know more about this event here, Join us and Learn Something New and Meet the Oracle Guru, it will be nice to see everybody there.
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Thank you 
Osama Mustafa