FRM-92100 : your connection to the server was interrupted


NLS_LANG has been set to an invalid value in the environment of the user starting Oracle Forms Services.


Set NLS_LANG to a valid value like AMERICAN_AMERICA.AR8MSWIN1256 in the default.env file or any custom environment file which is being used.

You can go to regedit and also set the NLS_LANG value to the one mentioned above and check if this resolves the issue. 

 If the Above Solution Doesn’t Work For you Try The Below One :

1) FRM-92100 occurs when invoking a new forms session from existing form session, or another URL is invoked from the parent browser window of the forms applet?

To work-around use the applet parameter separateFrame=”True”. This parameter is set in the static html file or formsweb.cfg

2) If using Oracle Jinitiator, try clearing the Jinitiator JAR or jcache:

For versions 1.3.x.x.x : Control Panel – Jinitiator Control Panel – Cache Tab Page – Clear JAR Cache button

3) If using MS Internet Explorer check that permissions / security options are set correctly

Launch Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Select the Tools -> Internet Options from the top level menu.
Click the SECURITY Tab:
Choose Local Intranet Zone from the list.
Click Custom Level.
Select Java Permissions – Custom from the list.
Click Java Custom Settings.
Select the Edit Permissions tab.
Choose Enable for Run Unsigned Content.
Choose Enable for Run Signed Content.
Select the ADVANCED tab.
Scroll down to Java VM.
Check the Java console enabled option.
Select the CONNECTIONS tab.
Click the LAN Settings button.
If IE is using a proxy server : Check the Bypass proxy server for local addresses check box. Click the Advanced button, and enter the local domain in the Exceptions box. Use the form *, where maps to your local domain.
Click OK to exit the dialog.
Click OK to save the changes and exit IE.
Restart the computer.

Thank you
This Work aroud Is Working For Me , Hope it will be useful For you

Osama Mustafa 

500 Internal Server Error / Oracle Application Server

There’s more than One Reason For this i will provide you with two solutions (Meta-link Note):

Solution One : 

1. Backup and edit the forms configuration file (Default= formsweb.cfg)
2. Modify the HTMLdelimiter to have only one character as a value 


3. Save and exit the file.

Solution Two :

Edit oracle_apache.conf and comment out the include related to the forms.conf  as the following :

# Oracle Forms Developer
#include “/oas/product/oas2/forms/server/forms.conf”

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Oracle Application server 10g unable to start HTTP

Hi all

Today When I was Supporting for some customer , i faces issue in application server 10gthe solution is so simple

Let describe the problem :

when we use

./opmnctl startall

all service is up expect Http_server is down

Check Logs nothing , Check Application server logs nothing

And when you try to shutdown IAS again it will give you :

RCV : Permission denied

For first i was thought its permission issue but who can change the permission .

the solution like the following :

On Os

ps -ef | grep oracle

you must find 2 process
Oracle PID $PATH/opmn.d

kill them both
Kill -9 PID
kill -9 PID

After this
./opmnctl startall