Apply PSU Patch in Oracle

* You Must have two thing to apply PSU Patch :
1-Lastest version For Optach.
2-PSU Patch that you want to apply.


$ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/opatch version

Output will be:
Invoking OPatch
OPatch Version:
OPatch succeeded 

1-you need to Update latest version For Optach, to do this :


cp -r Optach/ /u01/backup/Optach

**make sure you in ORACLE_HOME

rm -rf $ORACLE_HOME/Optach

unzip Optach_that_you_download_from_MOS inside $ORACLE_HOME.

Patch Number :6880880

2-Check Optach After Doing Above Steps :

$ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/opatch version

Output will be:
Invoking OPatch
OPatch Version:
OPatch succeeded

3-Apply PSU Patch By Doing the Following, for example :

cd 13923374
opatch apply

Answer the question that you been asked by Oracle 

4- Post Installation Steps :

cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin
sqlplus /nolog
SQL> @catbundle.sql psu apply

6 thoughts on “Apply PSU Patch in Oracle

  1. “Oracle Critical Patch Updates (CPU) will now contain both the PSU and CPU, so the DBA may choose to apply just the CPU or apply all patches in the PSU patch bundle (which includes additional fixes)”Read this document 1446582.1 Once a PSU is applied, only PSUs can be applied in future quarters until the database is upgraded to a new base version


  2. Hi mustafa hope you are doing well.In some Docs i saw they started database in UPGRADE mode and done View Recompilation after @catbundle.sql psu apply..Is these 2 steps required or optional…Thank's in advance


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