ORA-00054: resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT

There’s More than One Solution I would Love to Share :

1-Before 11g, you can mark the tablespace read-only for the duration of the alter table 

Alter Tablespace Test read only

2-in 11g you can mark table read-only :

Alter table test Read only

And You can Check Read Only Tables By :

Select    table_name, read_only from    dba_tables
Where owner = ‘myowner’ and table_name = ‘mytab’;

Just To Make Sure After You Alter table to Read Only prevent Update by Create Trigger

create or replace trigger
   insert or update or delete
on mytab
raise_application_error (-999999, ‘Table Is Read Only Now’);
end; /

3- You Can Check if there’s Lock on your Database :

SQL> set linesize 130
SQL> set pages 100
SQL> col username       format a20
SQL> col sess_id        format a10
SQL> col object format a25
SQL> col mode_held      format a10
SQL> select     oracle_username || ‘ (‘ || s.osuser || ‘)’ username
,  s.sid || ‘,’ || s.serial# sess_id
,  owner || ‘.’ || object_name object
,  object_type
,  decode( l.block
,       0, ‘Not Blocking’
,       1, ‘Blocking’
,       2, ‘Global’) status
,  decode(v.locked_mode
,       0, ‘None’
,       1, ‘Null’
,       2, ‘Row-S (SS)’
,       3, ‘Row-X (SX)’
,       4, ‘Share’
,       5, ‘S/Row-X (SSX)’
,       6, ‘Exclusive’, TO_CHAR(lmode)) mode_held
from       v$locked_object v
,  dba_objects d
,  v$lock l
,  v$session s
where      v.object_id = d.object_id
and        v.object_id = l.id1
and        v.session_id = s.sid
order by oracle_username
,  session_id


SQL> alter system kill session ‘SID,Serial# ‘;

OSama Mustafa


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