Spool File With Date/Time Name

Amazing way to spool  automatically :

COLUMN today_ddmmyyyy_col NEW_VALUE today_ddmmyyyy
SELECT TO_CHAR ( SYSDATE, 'DDMMYYYY') AS today_ddmmyyyy_col
FROM dual;
SPOOL log_&today_ddmmyyyy..log

Thank you
Osama Mustafa

3 thoughts on “Spool File With Date/Time Name

  1. Hello.Thanks for read this comment.I have a question.I do not fix a problem about Spool in Oracle DB.I have to out a report with extension txt with dates about a simple select (select * from emp).I apply SET commands but I do not achieve that the file output delete a line on top the file.Example:—– this appear blank line in the TXT file —–“TEXTO1″;”TEXTO2″. . . .. ….”TEXTON”;”TEXTOM”My code:First file: @salida.sqlSecond file:SET PAGESIZE 1000 LINESIZE 200 ECHO OFF TRIMS ON FEEDBACK OFF HEA OFFSPOOL C:\dir_out\info.txt@inicial.sql;SPOOL OFFYou have any idea.???Thanks….


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