Check TimeZone Before Upgrades

Lot of question Regarding to TimeZone While Upgrade Oracle Database, You have to Check TimeZone When you have Data Or Schedule Job With Timezone info.

There are three Cases I will Describe them later In this article , but First You need to check Timezone

SQL> select version from v$timezone_file;

After Doing That you will Have Number As Output , This Number Should Compare to 4 ( value ) with Three below Cases :
1- Output =  4

You could Contuine with Upgrade without Do anything

2- Output >  4
Actions for the DSTv4 update in the patchset [ID 553812.1]
Updated DST transitions and new Time Zones in Oracle Time Zone File patches [ID 412160.1]

3 – Output < 4 
You have to download utltzpv4.sqlfrom MOS (
With This Script also you have two case
if script returns no rows, there is nothing that needs to be done. Just proceed with the upgrade.

If script retunrs the detail of columns that contain TZ data which may be affected by the upgrade, then follow document Actions for the DSTv4 update in the patchset [ID 553812.1]

Thank you
Osama Mustafa

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