Remote Diagnostic Agent

RDA : It’s utility collect diagnostics information about an Oracle environment, And could be downloaded from for every Operating system there’s specific version for RDA.

RDA is Command Line diagnostic tool that is executed by an engine written in the Perl programming language,The data captured provides Oracle Support with a comprehensive picture of the customer’s environment which aids in problem diagnosis, You can check the below MOS Note :
Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) 4 – FAQ [ID 330363.1]

Oracle Support encourages the use of RDA because it greatly reduces service request resolution time by minimizing the number of requests from Oracle Support for more information.RDA Support Most Of Operating system.and also it’s supported for Most Oracle Products.

But why should i use RDA, as i mention before oracle support encourages to use RDA to collect information and also there’s another reasons to use it :

  •  Oracle Fusion Middleware issues
  • Oracle Collaboration products.
  • Oracle Application issues.
  • Installation/configuration issues
  • Performance issues
  • ORA-600, ORA-7445, ORA-3113.
  • Upgrade and migration.
  • Developer issues
  • Oracle Database issues

The Simplest way to review RDA Output is using Html , Web browsing since after run the output will generate on the same RDA Folder. (RDA_Output).

After review MOS note :
RDA 4 – Health Check / Validation Engine Guide [ID 250262.1]

after finishing from  a prerequisite system you need to need check before installation of an oracle product.This special check should be done in addition to the installation document and the check inside the installer,The utility called RDA with a module for Health Check called HCVE.

./ -T hcve

The sample output could be like the below :

Test Results
===== ====================

20 User in /etc/passwd? PASSED userOK
30 Group in /etc/group? PASSED GroupOK

 Thank you
Osama Mustafa


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