em12c agent software unavailable

Sometimes you need to deploy new agent to different machine or database, and to do that you have to add target and choose which platform installed but Agent software unavailable  this is the message you will see.

to solve this :

Setup >> Extensibility >> Self Update

Connection mode should be Offline ( you need to configure System Library to change Connection mode or Error will be appeared )

After change Connection mode to offline back to self_update main screen And Press Check Updates

New Box Dialog will appear 

You need to visit https://support.oracle.com and download patch number 9348486 after finish downloading copy to OMS server using FTP and don’t unzip it.

Run the below command

 ./emcli import_update_catalog -file=/u01/p9348486_112000_Generic.zip -omslocal

if the below error show up :

Error: The command name “import_update_catalog” is not a recognized command.
Run the “help” command for a list of recognized commands.
You may also need to run the “sync” command to synchronize with the current OMS.

Do the following :

 ./emcli login -username=’SYSTEM’
Enter password
Login successful

 ./emcli sync
Synchronized successfully

And Re-Run The Above Command Again,
The output will look like this 
after doing this will be able to see  all the agent Software in Self-update like the below.
now each kind of agent you need to download you have to install the patch and apply

 ./emcli import_update_catalog -file= ….. 

You can download the article from here

Thank you
Osama Mustafa

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