Enterprise Manager : Performance Across Enterprise Databases

The below link is very to understand the performance under #EM12c Provided by oracle, This demonstration shows you how to use AWR Warehouse a new feature of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4.


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Download Agent in EM12C manually

Adding target to EM12C needs to install agent to the Target Host Depend on Operating system, the agent is now always available which mean install Agent for this operating system is necessary, the below picture describe the above case :-

Enterprise manager cloud 12c contains two different type of Connection mode online and offline, this blog describe how to install manually :-

From Setup –> extensibility –> Self Update

Press On Agent Software., The below screen will appear :-

By pressing any of those agent new pop up will open included with link to download, copy the link and upload the file to OMS Host and run the below command :-

[oracle@EM12C emcli]$ ./emcli import_update -omslocal -file=….

File Path should be provided in the above command.

The output :-

Processing update: Agent Software – Agent Software ( for Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit)
Successfully uploaded the update to Enterprise Manager. Use the Self Update Console to manage this update.

After Run the above command Successfully, Back to Self Update screen –> Agent Software and Apply the Download Catalog by press apply.

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Install EMCLI For EM12C

The Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface (EM CLI) enables users to access Enterprise Manager functionality through a command-line interface or scripts. It is accessible through classic programming language constructs, enabling tasks to be created and run either from the command-line or programatically. EM CLI enables you to access Enterprise Manager Cloud Control functionality from text-based consoles (shells and command-line windows) for a variety of operating systems.

For Overview and concept about it Read Oracle Documentation Here

The Setup to enable emcli so simple and already provided with Enterprise manager 12c,

From Setup –> Command Line Interface.

After Access Command Line Interface you should be able to install emcli kit by press the below :

Jar File will be installed,Upload it to the server.

Create New Folder On the Server Using :

mkdir /u01/emcli 

Set The Variable:-

export JAVA_HOME=/u01/app/fmw/jdk
export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH 

Run the Below Command

java -jar emcliadvancedkit.jar client -install_dir=/u01/emcli 

cd /u01/emcli  

emcli setup -url=https://EM12c:7802/em -username=sysman -trustall -autologin

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Create Group using Em12c

Sometimes you need to create Certain group for Enterprise manager to make monitor more easy , sepcially if you have lot of agent and components such as database , Host , application server … so if you want to manage them individually it will consume time and seems to be impossible.

Enterprise manager provide you with Group Features to combine components, and there’s two type :

  • Target at the same type 
  • Target contain different components such as database, Application server , Host.

Check the below screenshot :

From Setup –> Add Target –> Group

you have five tab each one of them contain different parameters, Choose the right option that works with your Work:

After Choose the name for the group you need to add Agents, from search button new popup screen will be open choose which agent type you want.

Another example on Chart tab :

After Create Group :

For More information about Enterprise Manager 12c Group Read Oracle Documentation Here
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Some notes you maybe need for Em12c

I would like to share some MOS  Notes that could be useful please note that You can share yours in comments

EM12c R2: How to Upgrade to EM 12c R2 – Two System Method [ID 1363162.1]
EM12c: How to install JVM Diagnostics (JVMD) in Cloud Control [ID 1493862.1]
EM12c: How To Upgrade Plugin On 12.1 Management Agent [ID 1490762.1]
How to Install 12c Agent on Virtual Host [ID 1469995.1]

EM12c Upgrade : Agents Are Not Listed in the Upgrade Console With Error Inventory Data Is Missing From the Repository [ID 1489109.1]

EM 12c : How to Discover All Targets On a Single Host After Agent Installation ? [ID 1386817.1]
EM 12c : Understanding Promote Target Functionality [ID 1386161.1]

EM12c How to Perform Automatic Host Discovery Using IP Scan Method ? [ID 1386811.1]
EM12c Agent status Fails With “Peer Not Authenticated” Error. [ID 1510706.1]

EM12C: Agent Installation Failed With Error: “OMS_HOST and EM_UPLOAD_PORT is not active” [ID 1371873.1]

How To Upgrade Java Diagnostics In Enterprise Manager 12c With the Latest Patches [ID 1534023.1]
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EM12c : Patch Conflict While Applying Patch 14040891 [ID 1479092.1]
Unable To Add host targets with EM12c – Valid Host Name check fails [ID 1433843.1]
Release Schedule of Current Enterprise Manager Releases and Patch Sets (10g, 11g, 12c) [ID 793512.1]
EM 12c: How to Deploy a Plug-In from Enterprise Manager Cloud Control [ID 1364030.1]

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em12c agent software unavailable

Sometimes you need to deploy new agent to different machine or database, and to do that you have to add target and choose which platform installed but Agent software unavailable  this is the message you will see.

to solve this :

Setup >> Extensibility >> Self Update

Connection mode should be Offline ( you need to configure System Library to change Connection mode or Error will be appeared )

After change Connection mode to offline back to self_update main screen And Press Check Updates

New Box Dialog will appear 

You need to visit https://support.oracle.com and download patch number 9348486 after finish downloading copy to OMS server using FTP and don’t unzip it.

Run the below command

 ./emcli import_update_catalog -file=/u01/p9348486_112000_Generic.zip -omslocal

if the below error show up :

Error: The command name “import_update_catalog” is not a recognized command.
Run the “help” command for a list of recognized commands.
You may also need to run the “sync” command to synchronize with the current OMS.

Do the following :

 ./emcli login -username=’SYSTEM’
Enter password
Login successful

 ./emcli sync
Synchronized successfully

And Re-Run The Above Command Again,
The output will look like this 
after doing this will be able to see  all the agent Software in Self-update like the below.
now each kind of agent you need to download you have to install the patch and apply

 ./emcli import_update_catalog -file= ….. 

You can download the article from here

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Configure Email Notification and Incidents Rule

Before I talked about how to Install and Add Target in Enterprise Manager 12c today i will talk how to enable Email notification and Incidents Rule Step By Step and as usual you can download the article as PDF file :

Check the below picture the fill with Correct Parameter to enable email notification First

If you need to customize your Email format that will be deliver to you go to the below section in em12c :

The Below Page will appear to you choose which Type you want to customize

now Let’s work On Incident Rules, From Setup –> Incidents –> Incident Rules

New Page will appear With Some Content All you have to do is Press “Create Rule Set” and below page will appear, Choose the name for Rule Set, which target this Rule set will be applied

On Second Tab ” Rule” Press Create to add new One

There’s Description for each Type I will choose the first one

After That follow the instruction to create your own Rule Set ,
First you need to choose which type of event

As you see there’s two option below Drop box if you need to create events for all target option one your choice otherwise choose #2  and which one you want to enable 


The below Picture describe what happened if you choose Option #2 

 Now what we choose before will appear to us here now you want to enable metrics for Which Target
and i provide some example for predefined metrics group

 The Overall will be look like this

 Next , and Add Action page press add like usual

Define Which action will taken if event match

 Finally Name For Rule Set

 Review Page

you can download this article from here

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Add Target Manually / Enterprise Manager 12c

previously I mentioned how to deploy agent in enterprise manager using Auto Discovery, But today I will Post about the second way which called “Add target Manually” all you have to do is follow the screen shot and the instruction :

Setup –> Add target –> Add Target manually

Choose the first Option

 New Page will appear — > Press add and Type Hostname for the server and which Operating system installed it on it.

Insert your Agent Path ( where you want to install agent ) and username

Review and then Deploy Agent

You can download this article here

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