API5036: Client version is not compatible with repository version

To Solve this error Follow the below Steps :

  • Edit /owb/bin/admin/Preference.properties
  • And set the following parameter :-
    • OverrideRepositoryVersionCheck=true
    • OverrideRuntimeVersionCheck=true
Thank you
Osama Mustafa

10 thoughts on “API5036: Client version is not compatible with repository version

  1. Hi osama, thanks for the solution i had the same problem. But i still have the problem while deploy a mapping, at that time the error comes again, it just disappear when the designer start up but comes later.


  2. Hi Osama, the suggested solution works on initial log in but the same appears when trying to access the control center trying to redeploy mappings for owb. Any thoughts how to solve?


  3. hi, are you still here? i met the same problem with Alberto. when i deploy mapping using the control center, it stops again and shows error: An unknown error occurred while generating PROMOTIONS. Error details: MMM1034: Property NON_KEY_PARTITIONING_TYPE does not exist.plz help! thanks in advance


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