Connection refused; No available router to destination On Weblogic Node Manager Log

Caused by: t3://exalytic.domain:8001: Destination unreachable; nested exception is:

The Above Error Appear when i was trying to access BPM, the main Cause for this error there’s no configuration protocol on SOA Server Which mean No Listening Host.

To Avoid and Solve this error Follow the below Steps :

  • Access to weblogic Console using Administrator Password.
  • Click on Servers -> Protocols -> Channels like the below screen
  • Now you have to create new Protocol Click on “Configure a new Network Channel,”with the below confguration 

Name: Loopback
Protocol: t3
Listen Address: localhost
Listen Port: 8001 (same as Server Host/port)

  • Restart The Server and test the connection Again 

Thank you
Osama Mustafa

Change AdminServer Port Using WLST.SH

Sometimes AdminServer not working Regarding to Wrong configuration or using Wrong Port which mean No Console will be available so is this mean delete domain and Configure it again !!!

Absolutely  Not  When you install Weblogic any Version Oracle Provide you with Command Line Utility to administrate weblogic, what you can do it using Console can be done with this tool.

change to weblogic-directory/common/bin

Now follow the below Steps to change port :

wls:/offline> readDomain (‘/u01/app/fmw/domains/IDDomains’)
wls:/offline/IDDomains> cd (‘Server’)
wls:/offline/IDDomains/Server> ls ()

Choose your Server Here

wls:/offline/IDDomains/Server> cd (‘AdminServer’)
wls:/offline/IDDomains/Server/AdminServer> ls ()

Search for Old Port ListenPort 

wls:/offline/IDDomains/Server/AdminServer> set (‘ListenPort’,New Port)
wls:/offline/IDDomains/Server/AdminServer> updateDomain ()
wls:/offline/IDDomains/Server/AdminServer> exit () 

Done you can now Test your new port

Thank you
Osama Mustafa