SQL Developer :- Enable SSH for Oracle cloud

In the last post i mentioned how to create Dbaas, In this post i want to use the SQL Developer to manage my Dbaas and connect on the cloud but each time the following error appeared :-

Remember this is not local database , these steps only for the Oracle Cloud.
  • Access to your account from https://cloud.oracle.com then Dbaas –> my services 
  • The Dashboard will be look like the following :-
  • Press on the upper left panel –> Compute 
  • New Screen will be opened , From the upper tabs press on network 
  • In the same page Search under security application you will find Ora-DBListener and the status is Disabled 
  • By Pressing the Right Panel  From the list choose Update.
  • New Screen will be opened like the following, Change the status to enabled and press update :-
  • Now Try again in the SQL Developer :-
Enjoy the Cloud !!!

Thank you
Osama Mustafa

Generating an SSH Key Pair Using the PuTTYgen

This post to teach how you generate SSH Key For the Cloud , 

  • Download and install PuTTY or PuTTYgen from here.
  • Open the software it will be like this 
  • Set the Type of key to generate option to SSH-2 RSA.
  • In the Number of bits in a generated key box, enter 2048.
  • Click Generate to generate a public/private key pair, move the mouse on the clean bar after press generate,
  • After it’s done it will be like the following:-
  • Select all of the characters in the Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized_keys file box and copy it.
  • Open a text editor and paste the characters, just as you copied them.
  • Save the text file in the same folder where you saved the private key, using the .pub extension to indicate that the file contains a public key.
Thank you

Creating Database on Oracle cloud ( DBaas )

How to create database instances in the Oracle Database Cloud Service – Database as a Service (DBaaS) , Very simple steps :-

  • After creating your Oracle Cloud Account, i will show the post how to create it.
  • To create a new database instance, in the Database Cloud Service console click Create Instance.
  • Choose which cloud services you want, in our case we want Database :-
  • The Create Database Cloud Service wizard is invoked, displaying the Subscription Type page.
  • Now you have to fill the information, one by one like the following screen, 

You can choose the Oracle Database Cloud Service – Virtual Image service level to define a database instance manually or using the Oracle Database Creation Assistant (DBCA).
You can choose the Oracle Database Cloud Service service level to have the wizard create a database instance for you, using configuration options provided in the wizard. This service level also makes additional cloud tooling available for backup, recovery and patching.
Also you can choose database version 11gR2, 12cR1 or 12cR2. 
After this press next.
  • Now Fill the information for DB configuration screen like the below :-

In this screen you should create SSH key in this post here,
generated a secure shell (SSH) private/public key pair, with copies of the private and public key files on your local computer. You will point to the SSH public key when you create the database instance. For details on generating an SSH private/public key pair, refer to the Generating a Secure Shell (SSH) Private/Public Key Pair section of the Using Oracle Database Cloud Service (Database as a Service) documentation.
  • The Summary for your DBaas, Press create it will take some time:-
Thank you
Osama Mustafa