Start Managed Server Failed With "Access not allowed for subject: principals=[]"

When Trying to Start Managed Server From Admin Console it’s Failed with Access not allowed for subject: principals=[], on ResourceType: Application Action: write, Target: Deployed”

After Check Everything and Configuration i found the following :

  • My Admin Server Already have More than one managed Server : SOA, ODI , BAM.
  • SOA and ODI Using the Same Port which is 8001 Which caused Conflict.

I Changed SOA Port to Work On 8003 From Admin Server Console. Like the Below

Managed Server BI_Server Unable To Start After Create Node manager Service

Problem Description :

After Install Weblogic and BI On Windows, And Create Admin Server as Services BI_server unable to start, Node manager Created Service Created Without Any Error.

Cause & Solution : 

After Investigation I found Class Path is too Long So what i did like the following, Edit installSVC.cmd To set Classpath  to be Short

you will find the below line in the InstallSvc.cmd all you have to do is change it to be like Line in Red Color :

@echo off


if “%ADMIN_URL%” == “” goto runAdmin
@echo on
-classpath @%USERDOMAIN_HOME%\ 
-Dweblogic.ProductionModeEnabled=%PRODUCTION_MODE%\”%WL_HOME%\server\lib\weblogic.policy\” weblogic.Server”

goto finish

Thank you
Osama Mustafa

Step by Step Configure SSO Using Oracle Fusion Middle-ware

I would like to share this document , which is describe step by step dealing with :

  • WebLogic
  • Oracle Internet Directory
  • Oracle Content Server
  • Oracle Access manager 
Every thing mentioned with Installation &  Configuration Steps.
I tried To make it simple as i can, Included with Screen Shots ,Step By Step how to install The above Oracle Products and how to configure them to prepare your application for Single-Sing-On 
Please if you would like to share this document ask me before.

You can View and Download the Document from Here
Thank you 
Osama mustafa

SIEBEL odbcsql Unable to Connect

Logging into “SBA_81_DSN” as “SADMIN” …
ODBC error 81 in SQLConnect:
523 72
(native error 0).
Unable to login using specified ODBC parameters.

The above error appear when you are trying to run the below command:

odbcsql /s SIEBEL8_DSN /u sadmin /p sadmin

Solutions :

Make sure the you set TNS_ADMIN in .profile or .bash_profile , TNS_ADMIN Should be Directed to Client32 bit , Copy tnsnames.ora from Database home to Client32

it will be like the following :

export TNS_ADMIN=/u01/app/oracle/instanctclient32/

Thank you
Osama mustafa

Queryable Patch Inventory New Features 12c

Again !!! Oracle 12c Under test , every time i tested it i discover new features, while i am testing today i found new folder under $ORACLE_HOME called QOPatch , for the first time when i opened this folder i only found two files,

Check the note :

Oracle Database 12.1 : FAQ on Queryable Patch Inventory [ID 1530108.1] 

from the name you can see it’s retrieve  information  using query, and to use query you have to get access to SQL Plus, this features  allow you access to the OPatch information from within the database.  This Package called  DBMS_QOPATCH

Some of Attribute to use with this package :


Since this function used to get Opatch information within database then you have to access to SQL Plus 
Check the below examples :

SQL> select dbms_qopatch.get_opatch_lsinventory() from dual;


Another Examples :

SQL> select dbms_qopatch.GET_PENDING_ACTIVITY() from dual;

My Database still fresh and not patch yet So you will not find that much of information 
Thank you 
Osama mustafa

Move Datafiles Online 12c

As you know Oracle database 12c released Yesterday and we all still test it and learn what are the new features !!

For the first time in Oracle Database you can move objects online without offline or shutdown database which is very useful and helpful for any DBA’s

Check the example below :

SQL> select file_name from dba_data_files ;


Let’s move system01.dbf 
SQL> alter database move datafile ‘/u01/app/oracle/oradata/db12c/system01.dbf’ to ‘/u01/system.dbf’;

SQL> select File_name from dba_data_files ;

Thank you
Osama mustafa 

cannot unmount ‘/export/home/oracle’: Device busy

Operating System : Solaris 11

When run the below command :

zfs destroy rpool/export/home/grid

 cannot unmount ‘/export/home/oracle’: Device busy

Solution :

zfs unmount rpool/export/home/grid
zfs destroy rpool/export/home/grid

Thank you
Osama mustafa

Which module You installed on Apps

Sometimes you need to check which module you installed in oracle E-business suite and to do that there’s more one way :

using Query / as Apps User :

SELECT a.application_name,a.product_code,
DECODE (b.status, ‘I’, ‘Installed’, ‘S’, ‘Shared’, ‘N/A’) status,
patch_levelFROM apps.fnd_application_vl a,
apps.fnd_product_installations b
WHERE a.application_id = b.application_id
and b.status=’I’ order by product_code asc;

Using adutconf.sql scripts which is located in $AD_TOP

This script include information about Product installation status, version and other information.

Using Oracle Application Manager ( OAM )

Site Map —> License Manager Which licensed word means installed.


Thank you
Osama Mustafa