Add Target Manually / Enterprise Manager 12c

previously I mentioned how to deploy agent in enterprise manager using Auto Discovery, But today I will Post about the second way which called “Add target Manually” all you have to do is follow the screen shot and the instruction :

Setup –> Add target –> Add Target manually

Choose the first Option

 New Page will appear — > Press add and Type Hostname for the server and which Operating system installed it on it.

Insert your Agent Path ( where you want to install agent ) and username

Review and then Deploy Agent

You can download this article here

Thank you
Osama Mustafa

5 thoughts on “Add Target Manually / Enterprise Manager 12c

  1. I do not have any any EM agent home running on the host.But when I try to continue with the installation by clicking Continue, All Host. It fails yet again.Can you please help..!!Your assistance will be highly appreciated.


  2. Hi Osama,thanks for posting this article.i had below problem regarding about oem12c installationWe successfully installed OEM12c on TAGORA12C (Windows VM) with Oracle Management Repository is oradev which is on TAGLNXDB01 (Linux VM), but we got a problem when we deploy the agent .We tried to add the target TAGLNXDB02 (Linux VM) on OEM12C but it shows Linux agent software is unavailable.i followed your post ” Deploy agent in EM12c”, but check updates button is not highlighted.could you please suggest on thisthank you


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