Oracle Business Intelligence Installation

Before start describes steps, I would like to share some notes:
  •     Extend Weblogic Server will not work (
  •    BI server should be added first before any managed server otherwise AdminServer will corrupted.
  •   If you already have AdminServer configured you can created new BI Domain, Or backup your AdminServer  domain and Reconfigure again.

The above notes are useful and must be considered before installing Oracle BI.
You can download the document from Here
Thank you

Osama Mustafa

Step by Step Configure SSO Using Oracle Fusion Middle-ware

I would like to share this document , which is describe step by step dealing with :

  • WebLogic
  • Oracle Internet Directory
  • Oracle Content Server
  • Oracle Access manager 
Every thing mentioned with Installation &  Configuration Steps.
I tried To make it simple as i can, Included with Screen Shots ,Step By Step how to install The above Oracle Products and how to configure them to prepare your application for Single-Sing-On 
Please if you would like to share this document ask me before.

You can View and Download the Document from Here
Thank you 
Osama mustafa