Configure E-mail For Oracle Enterprise manager DB 11gR2

Sometimes you will be not be able to check the database out of the office, sick ….

Regarding to oracle documentation :-

The notification system allows you to notify Enterprise Manager administrators of alerts, policy violations, and the status changes of job executions. In addition to notifying administrators, the notification system can perform actions such as executing operating system commands (including scripts) and PL/SQL procedures when an alert is triggered.

Before Enterprise Manager can send e-mail notifications, you must first specify the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) servers to be used by the notification system. Once set, you can then define e-mail notifications for yourself or, if you have Super Administrator privileges, you can also define notifications for other Enterprise Manager administrators.

For More about E-Mail Notification Read here.

If everything is ready please follow the screen shot :-

Welcome Screen/Login Page

The Main Page, Click On preference on Upper Right :-
Add the E-mail below :-

If you need to schedule any Rule Just add it like the below :-

Osama Mustafa

Configure Email Notification and Incidents Rule

Before I talked about how to Install and Add Target in Enterprise Manager 12c today i will talk how to enable Email notification and Incidents Rule Step By Step and as usual you can download the article as PDF file :

Check the below picture the fill with Correct Parameter to enable email notification First

If you need to customize your Email format that will be deliver to you go to the below section in em12c :

The Below Page will appear to you choose which Type you want to customize

now Let’s work On Incident Rules, From Setup –> Incidents –> Incident Rules

New Page will appear With Some Content All you have to do is Press “Create Rule Set” and below page will appear, Choose the name for Rule Set, which target this Rule set will be applied

On Second Tab ” Rule” Press Create to add new One

There’s Description for each Type I will choose the first one

After That follow the instruction to create your own Rule Set ,
First you need to choose which type of event

As you see there’s two option below Drop box if you need to create events for all target option one your choice otherwise choose #2  and which one you want to enable 


The below Picture describe what happened if you choose Option #2 

 Now what we choose before will appear to us here now you want to enable metrics for Which Target
and i provide some example for predefined metrics group

 The Overall will be look like this

 Next , and Add Action page press add like usual

Define Which action will taken if event match

 Finally Name For Rule Set

 Review Page

you can download this article from here

Thank you
Osama Mustafa