EBS 11i MOS notes


NOTE.362473.1 : Cloning E-Business Suite Using Hot Backup for Minimal
NOTE.216212.1 : Business Continuity for Oracle Applications Release 11i
NOTE.233428.1 : Sharing the Application Tier File System in Oracle
NOTE.230672.1 : Cloning Oracle Applications Release 11i with Rapid Clone
NOTE.216664.1 : FAQ: Cloning Oracle Applications Release 11i
NOTE.135792.1 : Cloning Oracle Applications Release 11i


NOTE.174436.1 : Oracle Applications Patching FAQ
NOTE.175485.1 : How to Apply an 11i Patch When adpatch is Already Running
NOTE.181665.1 : Release 11i Adpatch Basics


NOTE.218089.1 : Autoconfig FAQ
NOTE.165195.1 : Using AutoConfig to Manage System Configurations with
NOTE.270519.1 :Customizing an AutoConfig Environment

General Notes:

165195.1 “Using Autoconfig to Manage System Configurations with Oracle Applications 11i”.
218089.1 “Frequently Asked Questions about Using Autoconfig with Oracle Applications Release 11i”.
217368.1 “Advanced Configurations and Topologies for Enterprise Deployments of E-Business Suite 11i”.
362135.1 “Configuring Oracle Applications Release 11i with 10g Release2 Real Application Clusters and Automatic Storage Management”
123718.1 “A Guide to Understanding and Implementing SSL with Oracle Applications 11i”.
125767.1 “Upgrading Developer 6i with Oracle Applications 11i”.189708.1 Oracle Reports 6i Setup Guide for Oracle Applications 11i
273888.1 Steps to Upgrade Oracle Apps 11.5.4 to Latest Version or 11.5.9
437794.1 Database Status Check Before, During And After Migrations and Upgrades
362202.1 Oracle Applications Release 11i with Oracle 10g(
165195.1 for more information on how to run autoconfig
233436.1 Installing Oracle Application Server 10g with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i
313418.1 Using Discoverer 10.1.2 with Oracle E-Business Suite 11i.

DataGuard MOS Notes

Find the below very Useful MOS Notes that could help you In Data Gaurd

Step by Step Guide on Creating Physical Standby Using RMAN DUPLICATE…FROM ACTIVE DATABASE [ID 1075908.1]
Script to Collect Data Guard Physical Standby Diagnostic Information [ID 241438.1]
How to run DBUA in silent mode? [ID 422737.1]
Bug 15927527 : ORA-1555 ON ACTIVE DATA GUARD
Rman-06571: Datafile 1 Does Not Have Recoverable Copy [ID 1336872.1]

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Patchest Number For Database

This is Some useful number for Database patches , you can download them from http://support.oracle.com = 3095277 = 3501955 = 3948480 = 4163445 = 4547809(9i Final) = 3761843 = 4163362 = 4505133 = 4547817 = 5337014 = 6810189

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Mos Notes

On My Oracle Support There’s lot of Useful notes I Posted Some Of them Here :

Note:1030426.6 How to Clean Up Duplicate Objects Owned by SYS and SYSTEM Schema
Note:472937.1 Information On Installed Database Components
Note:753041.1 How to diagnose Components with NON VALID status

Simple but Useful .

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