Some notes you maybe need for Em12c

I would like to share some MOS  Notes that could be useful please note that You can share yours in comments

EM12c R2: How to Upgrade to EM 12c R2 – Two System Method [ID 1363162.1]
EM12c: How to install JVM Diagnostics (JVMD) in Cloud Control [ID 1493862.1]
EM12c: How To Upgrade Plugin On 12.1 Management Agent [ID 1490762.1]
How to Install 12c Agent on Virtual Host [ID 1469995.1]

EM12c Upgrade : Agents Are Not Listed in the Upgrade Console With Error Inventory Data Is Missing From the Repository [ID 1489109.1]

EM 12c : How to Discover All Targets On a Single Host After Agent Installation ? [ID 1386817.1]
EM 12c : Understanding Promote Target Functionality [ID 1386161.1]

EM12c How to Perform Automatic Host Discovery Using IP Scan Method ? [ID 1386811.1]
EM12c Agent status Fails With “Peer Not Authenticated” Error. [ID 1510706.1]

EM12C: Agent Installation Failed With Error: “OMS_HOST and EM_UPLOAD_PORT is not active” [ID 1371873.1]

How To Upgrade Java Diagnostics In Enterprise Manager 12c With the Latest Patches [ID 1534023.1]
EM12c Cloud Control: Required Patches for Discovery and Monitoring of Coherence Targets [ID 1526316.1]

EM12c : Patch Conflict While Applying Patch 14040891 [ID 1479092.1]
Unable To Add host targets with EM12c – Valid Host Name check fails [ID 1433843.1]
Release Schedule of Current Enterprise Manager Releases and Patch Sets (10g, 11g, 12c) [ID 793512.1]
EM 12c: How to Deploy a Plug-In from Enterprise Manager Cloud Control [ID 1364030.1]

Thank you
Osama Mustafa

DataGuard MOS Notes

Find the below very Useful MOS Notes that could help you In Data Gaurd

Step by Step Guide on Creating Physical Standby Using RMAN DUPLICATE…FROM ACTIVE DATABASE [ID 1075908.1]
Script to Collect Data Guard Physical Standby Diagnostic Information [ID 241438.1]
How to run DBUA in silent mode? [ID 422737.1]
Bug 15927527 : ORA-1555 ON ACTIVE DATA GUARD
Rman-06571: Datafile 1 Does Not Have Recoverable Copy [ID 1336872.1]

Thank you
Osama Mustafa

Mos Notes

On My Oracle Support There’s lot of Useful notes I Posted Some Of them Here :

Note:1030426.6 How to Clean Up Duplicate Objects Owned by SYS and SYSTEM Schema
Note:472937.1 Information On Installed Database Components
Note:753041.1 How to diagnose Components with NON VALID status

Simple but Useful .

Osama mustafa